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The following terms indicate the status of an order:

  • Submitted: The customer successfully submitted their order to DecalSkin.com. The order should reach our warehouse within one business day for fulfillment.

  • Processing: The customer's order is at DecalSkin.com's warehouse and will usually ship in 1-3 business days. (The product page notes any item(s) requiring a longer shipping time).

  • Cancelled: Only three circumstances would cause cancellation of an order:

      • Due to an unforeseen circumstance, DecalSkin.com cannot process an order at this time.
      • The customer's form of payment was not successfully processed.
      • The customer cancelled the order.
  • Shipped: The customer's order is on its way and a tracking number may be available.

  • Return Initiated: At the customer's request, DecalSkin.com set up a return for an order.

  • Return Complete: DecalSkin.com's warehouse has received the returned item.